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March 18, 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians:
This letter is intended to make you aware of the upcoming ELA and Math assessments and their overall importance to the educational practices at Lyncourt School.  Moreover, we are seeking your support in working cooperatively with the school for the benefit of the students who will be taking the assessment.  This type of coordinated effort between the school and home is a vital factor in raising student achievement.
There has been much publicity recently about NYS testing and the Common Core.  Much of this has been politically motivated and there is a lot of misinformation that is being presented.  With that said, we do recognize the concerns you may have about the upcoming testing and want to not only alleviate any fears your child may have, but also any concerns you may have about the use of these assessments in placement or grading. 
I want to assure you that we do not use these assessments as a sole determination in any type of program placement.  We simply look at them as another measure of performance we have, in addition to many other more valuable measures.  Each child is unique and it is important to us that we look at the whole child in school, not how they perform on any single assessment.
The ELA State Assessment will be administered to Grades 3-8 on:
April 3rd, 2019-3rd-5th grades-Morning Session-8:45 AM Start Time
6th-8th-Afternoon Session-11:45 AM Start Time
April 4th, 2019-3rd-5th grades Morning Session-8:45 AM Start Time
6th-8th-Afternoon Session-11:45 AM Start Time
The Math Assessment will be administered to Grades 3-8 on:
May 1st, 2019-3rd-5th grades-Morning Session-8:45 AM Start Time
6th-8th-Afternoon Session-11:45 AM Start Time
DAY 2-
May 2nd, 2019-3rd-5th grades-Morning Session-8:45 AM Start Time
6th-8th-Afternoon Session-11:45 AM Start Time
Each testing session will last approximately 70 minutes.  This year all students, grades 3-8 will be taking a computer based test instead of paper based.  If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to give me a call.

Highlights for this year:

  • Two testing days per subject. The 2019 Grades 3–8 ELA and Math Tests have been reduced from three test sessions per subject to only two sessions per subject this year, meaning each subject will have two days of testing instead of three. With fewer test sessions, each test will have fewer questions than in recent years, lessening test fatigue for students and better enabling them to demonstrate what they know and are able to do.-
  • The tests continue to be untimed so students who are still working on their exams will be allowed to continue to work, within the confines of the regular school day. Students who finish may be permitted to hand in their test materials (or submit the test if testing on computer) and leave the room. If so, students should exit quietly so they do not disturb any students still working.
  • Test questions reviewed and written by New York State Teachers. Hundreds of New York State educators were involved in creating and reviewing questions for 2018 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Tests and selecting the questions for the test forms. This year, the assessments will also feature many test questions written by New York State teachers specifically for the annual New York State tests. The future goal is for all test questions to be written by NYS educators.
It is essential that your child arrive at school on time to ease their transition into the testing environment.  If your child is ill or not feeling well please do not feel pressured to send them to school to complete a portion of the assessment.
As in any testing situation, most students will feel a certain level of anxiety as the actual testing date draws closer.  The teachers have worked diligently in preparing your children for this test, thus reducing the level of anxiety as test time approaches.  Some suggested methods and or practices at home may also aid in reducing the level of stress that each student experiences.
These practices include:
  • Getting a good night’s rest the night before the test.
  • Eating a good breakfast the morning of the test.
  • Being prepared for the test (pencils will be provided)
  • Develop a healthy attitude toward test taking.
  • Read and follow the directions.
  • Dress comfortably on test day.

If you have any questions about other ways you can assist your child at home or questions about the testing, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or reach out to me directly.  We all must work hard in preparing our students for the rigors of test taking.  The positive partnership of home and school is the only way out children will become successful students and citizens. 

Kimberly A. Davis

Please remember to schedule an appointment to discuss any questions and/or concerns by calling the Main Office, or you may email me at


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