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Literacy CNY:

Need help with reading and math? Need help with English? Sign up for adult reading, math, and English with LiteracyCNY.  LiteracyCNY provides instruction to adults in Onondaga County.

Free Breakfast for all Lyncourt Students:

For many years we have been privileged to participate in the School Breakfast Program, this year we are pleased to announce that all Lyncourt students regardless of income will be provided breakfast without charge. Students who eat breakfast are less distracted and ready to learn. This program will give our students the opportunity to start each day well nourished.

2017-2018 Activity Calendar/School Information/Policies:

Start your planning!  Here is a copy of the 2017-2018 Activity Calendar, along with important school information and policies. Class placements and supply lists will be mailed on Friday, August 18th, but you can find supply lists on our website too .

Invasive Species:

PBL … Project Based Learning.  Students apply what they learn in class to a real-world situation. Our Lyncourt students, guided by Mrs. MacCollum, worked on the following project. If you click on the link below you can view the videos they created.   GOAL:  To increase awareness about BIODIVERSITY and encourage support of the Lyncourt community’s environment, ... more >>

P2 Strength of Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence:

6th grade Science students started a new project that coincides with the P2 Strength of Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence.  Topics of research included:  Place, Location, Elevation, History and/or Geology, Interesting Facts, and Preservation. 

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