Lyncourt School PreK-5 Meet the Teacher Night
                     September 29, 2016        
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      6th grade-8th grade Curriculum Night
                     September 29, 2016

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Daily Announcements:

Friday, September 23, 2016      Day 1/1         

Piñatas: From Books to Reality:

Have you ever read about something and thought to yourself, 'Wouldn't that be cool to make?'.  Well, these lucky seven students read about  piñatas and, under the tutelage of Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Rohe, made their own.  It was a fantastic project and the students had a blast...though initially they were a wee bit dubious that the ripping of newspapers would ... more >>

An "Egg"-speriment to Remember:

Our 5th graders were given a task: "to create a craft that will protect your pilot when dropped from the roof" of our building.  Students used very small and fragile beings for their pilots...the egg.  Students, knowing they had to protect their pilot, invented a myriad of containers and wrote a hypothesis of why their structure would protect their pilot.  They also had to ... more >>

Our Geometrocity:

Students from Mrs. Cowburn's, Mallen's and Aiello's classes came together to build a geometrocity.  Hmmm, what is that you may wonder? It is where students take their geometry and inference skills and design their own city. This project was much greater than just working on math skills though.   Students formed groups across the three classes and had to work together to ... more >>

NYS Education Commissioner Elia’s Releases New Draft English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards Survey:

Ne w York State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia has launched an on-line survey that will allow New Yorkers to provide detailed feedback on the State’s New Draft English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards. She is interested in receiving feedback from all stakeholders...teachers, administrators, school board members, parents, the business community, etc. If you are interested ... more >>

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