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Chris Rehm - Athletic Director

Chris Rehm
Athletic Director
Lyncourt UFSD
Phone: (315) 455.7571

Extracurricular programs are an integral part of the total educational process at Lyncourt. Program participation enriches the educational experience, promotes connectedness and a sense of belonging, and contributes to the development of a well-rounded student.

Determination, perseverance, achievement, respectfulness and teamwork are some of the valuable lessons that can be attained through extracurricular participation. Through these opportunities, we seek to offer a wholesome form of physical, musical, artistic, social, and academic activities. These programs play an important role in helping the individual student develop a positive self-image.


If a student is failing more than one subject (as indicated by a grade of less than 70%) at the end of the first, second or third ten-week marking period, the student will be placed on academic probation.  In such a case, a student may participate in activities for the next two weeks, but must stay after school at least once a week for tutorial.  If at the end of two weeks, he or she is failing two or more subjects, the student is ineligible to participate through the remainder of the marking period. 

Evaluations - Grades and/or progress will be evaluated weekly.

Special Situations - Conference to be set up with teachers involved.

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