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Update on Procedure for Emergency Closure

Update on Procedure for Emergency Closure:
Winter weather is on its way and now is a good time to become familiar with Lyncourt School District’s plans for emergency school closure days. The district’s 2020-21 academic calendar allows for five (5) emergency closure days, which are used when the district must close due to conditions beyond its control, such as inclement weather or an unplanned loss of utilities.
One of the five (5) planned days will be held held in reserve for June 18, 2021, in the event that the Juneteenth holiday will be recognized by New York state on Friday rather than being celebrated on Saturday, June 19, 2021.
One of the five (5) planned days will be held in reserve till the end of the school year in case of an unexpected emergency school closure late in the school year.
Lyncourt’s three (3) emergency closure days will be non-instructional days. Staff member and students (in all cohorts including remote learners) are not expected to report to school remotely or otherwise on these days. If the district needs to use more than three emergency closure days this school year, students and staff will be expected to participate in remote learning on the additional day(s).
The district will continue to monitor and evaluate its practices and procedures and will communicate with families if the district uses its three emergency closure days.In the event we use all three emergency closure days, one option would be to shift to remote learning on those days when students and staff are precluded from attending in-person due to inclement weather. The state Education Department has granted school districts a waiver that allows them to hold “online” remote instructional days instead of “on-campus” days.  
School delays and early dismissals are not counted as emergency closure days because students receive instruction. 
Emergency Closure Communications:
The superintendent uses SchoolMessenger to notify parents, guardians and district staff members of emergency school closings, delays and early dismissals. The system generates an automated phone call, email message – if an email address has been provided to the district – and a text message for those parents, guardians and staff members who have opted in to the SchoolMessenger text message service.
If parents or guardians are unsure whether the district has their correct email or phone numbers on file, they should contact the main office. (315-455-7571 or email
The district website and local news media will serve as backup notification systems and as a notification source for non-parents or community organizations. 
It is best to rely on more than one source of information when it comes to weather-related announcements. This is particularly true in situations that involve power outages, which can affect the district’s ability to send electronic notifications.
The district will share school closing and delay information with the following local news media: Spectrum News (channel 10), CNYCentral (channels 3 and 5); LocalSYR (TV channel 9), and
When there is inclement weather, the decision to dismiss early, delay opening or close school is based on the superintendent’s discussions with the Solvay transportation director and the latest weather predictions. Unless otherwise noted, all scheduled activities at Lyncourt School are canceled on the days school is closed or closes early.

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